How To Tell If You Hired The Right Agency For Your Law Firm

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What’s your law firm’s overall digital marketing strategy? Your law firm shouldn’t rely on just one method for driving leads. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times “you can’t grow your law firm on referrals” It’s too unpredictable.

However,  many law firms are jaded on digital marketing for one simple reason – they’ve had poor results. How can you tell if the agency you are working with is doing the work in a way that will improve your lead generation efforts?

Below is a list of what you need to look out for with your current marketing agency. If any of these are being done you should discuss it with your marketing agency. However, if you check off more than three items on this list it may be best to look for another firm.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest struggles law firms have is with search engine optimization (SEO). Many so called agencies promise the world, but never deliver. It’s amazing how many law firm sites have poor on-page optimization. One of those is the title tag.

Properly formatted title tags is one of the most important tags of your site. It tells readers and the search engines what the page is about. The title tag play an important role in your sites ranking.

Some examples of bad titles:

  • Litigation Attorney | Litigation Lawyer | Litigation Law Firm – This is just very spammy and overkill avoid repeating the same keywords over and over. This is a sign of poor optimization.
  • Firm name + Keyword – Your firm name should never come before the keywords. Brands goes at the end of the title tag
  • Keyword + Firm – You would think that this is the way the title tag should be written, but it’s missing on important component. Location! You service clients in a certain location(s) and that should be mentioned in your title tag. If you don’t you are optimized as well as you could be.

Ensure every practice area has its own page. It’s easier to rank a single practice area page. If you have multiple practice areas on a page, it may become difficult for visitors to find answers to their questions.

On Page Content

Content is important and should be written for the visitor and not the search engines. Law firms typically talk about the type of law they practice. That isn’t what potential clients want to know. Write content that addresses their concerns. Remember the visitor has a problem that YOU can solve. How will you do that?

Your content should…

  • Address their issue, concern or question
  • Talk about your expertise within this practice area
  • Talk about results you’ve achieved for past clients
  • Testimonials if possible from clients you’ve helped

Try adding bullet points to draw attention to important items that will be of interest to visitors.

Local Citations

Local SEO Law FirmsAre your local citations accurate? Do you know if mentions of your business address is accurate across the web? Inaccurate mentions (citations) can cause Google to hold back your site’s ranking in local map listings. Even small inconsistencies such as “suite#” versus “room#” can cause issues.

Ask for reports that show your consistency across major citation networks. Ensure these are getting fixed if they are not.

Pay Per Click

PPC can be complicated. There are different match types, features and settings that alone or collectively can ruin your PPC performance. Paid search should be about constant improvement and not just management. You’ll want to find out if…

  • Negative keywords added regularly
  • There is Constant testing and improvement
  • Clear reporting with an action plan for the following month
  • The strategy for growing and improving the campaign

Calls To action

Where’s your phone number? The header? The footer? Home page? Every page? On the contact us page? If you said yes to all, great! At minimum your number should appear on the header of every page. Assume visitors won’t scroll down the page or visit your “contact us” page.

It’s also wise to have a short form “above the fold” (what the visitor sees before scrolling down the page) of every page. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you. It is also a good idea to add a short form on every page as well.

Call Tracking

I added this as a separate item, though it is usually associated with PPC. We’ve used it for other traffic sources such as organic and referral traffic.

Call tracking is ESSENTIAL for any law firm doing PPC. Years ago call tracking was an expensive luxury. Nowadays it’s more affordable. Anyone spending money on ads needs to have a call tracking number on their site.

You may pause terms that may not produce leads at an affordable cost. It could be that those were terms that people preferred to pick up and speak to an attorney. Without tracking,  you could be missing out on dozens of leads per month.

Social Media Marketing

Law firms don’t have time for social. Should they even bother? It’s worth the time and effort if done correctly. If you’re outsourcing it – ensure that there is more going on than just posting content. Are they engaging with the audience and replying to comments? Social is about… being social. Posting content is not a conversation. Interact and educate your followers.

Your time should be spend dealing with client issues not your marketing. While it is important to understand the fundamentals, you can’t be expected to be an expert at marketing.

Compare the items above against your current marketing strategy and see if these items are being implements. You can always request a free SEO or PPC audit from us to gain insight into your current marketing.

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AGW offers a client facing dashboard where all of your firms important metrics are contained. No more logging into analytics, AdWords, call metrics etc…. everything is housed in one location for your firm.

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